Discovering the Beyond

Our Mission

Panhandle Paranormal Society was created in 2020 and seeks to unite and highlight the region’s paranormal community, investigate local regional reports and sightings, and educate the community about local supernatural phenomena.

Our Founders

April Noel

April is a Brunswick, MD transplant, born and raised in Northern Virginia. She relocated in 2018 after marrying her husband Jeff, and they currently have two children. In 2018 she traded in her 9-5 job working in Sales at Marriott International, to pursue her dreams of launching her own business. After a successful two years in operation, she still manages and owns her company, however she decided it was time to focus her energy on another passion. Growing up, April has always had a love and interest in the paranormal. After reading the CIA’s declassified Project Stargate files on Remote Viewing and other Psychic Phenomena, and confirming her beliefs, she decided to take the ultimate leap of faith to journey into the unknown.